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Margarines and fats.
Manufactured individually in Switzerland. 

Grüninger AG is Switzerland’s leading supplier of industrial margarines. We set the pace in various areas of margarine and fat production. Our cooling drum technology, for example, which is based on shock crystallisation, is unique!

Intensive cooperation enables us to gain a clear understanding of individual customer demands.

Not only do we manufacture our products; we also actively support our customers in using them. This is what turns products into solutions!

We offer solutions for different areas of application:

 Margarines and mélange products

 Puff pastry fat and baking fats

 Special fats

 Sandwich spreads

Versatile in use!

Margarines, fats and special products by Grüninger are used everywhere the highest standards are required for food with regard to quality, workability and reliable delivery. We deliver Grüninger products to our partners in:


 Bakery business

 Wholesale trade

 Retail trade

 Catering establishments

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